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Conceived as an adult playhouse, Cara Delevingne’s 1940s white brick home in Los Angeles was instrumental in the design world’s lore. It’s filled with crazy furniture, every corner decorated with her signature imagination and wit. There’s a red velvet tented poker room, a David Bowie themed bathroom, a ball pit with circus striped walls, trampolines set in the lawn. When I arrived at the big blue door on a cloudless late January day, Delevingne greeted me with a warm hug. She had the uncanny charm of a music-loving teen—barefoot and an oversized vintage Prince t-shirt teamed with gray marl sweatpants—and quickly carried me over the crystal clear grand pianos and dazzling James Turrell art installations all the way to the store. cave on the first floor. If each room reflects an aspect of her personality, this space suggests to Delevingne her deepest inner self. Decorated with little more than a few graphic Bowie concert posters, it’s the only room in which the famous British model and actress can occasionally sit still. Did you feel the earthquake last night? she asked, referring to the 4.2-magnitude shock wave that struck off the coast of Malibu in the early hours of the morning. I confessed I overslept, and I’m surprised she didn’t either. Can anything shake the foundation of this great bachelor pad? “They don’t really scare me,” she says dryly about earthquakes, resting her skinny legs on the sofa and curling up with her dogs — a husky belonging to the family. A Pomeranian named Leo, the other a Chihuahua Hound named Alfie. “I guess I’m always ready for the ground to crumble under my feet.”ROUGH AND TUMBLE

Arizona cardinals hand autism logo shirt

Vogue’s April cover was revealed this week and accompanied by a special story written by The Run-Through’s Chioma Nnadi herself. Cara Delevingne, a 30-year-old British model and actress, opens up to Chioma about her struggles with addiction and her recent path to rehab with incredible candor and clarity. On the show, Chioma and I checked in with Cara to see how she was doing and to see her reaction to her Vogue cover; As she zooms in from the kitchen of her Los Angeles home, you can hear her rescue dog barking in the background. She tells us about the interventions of her two best friends that prompted her decision to seek help, how and when she turned to substance abuse as a child. young and her documentary series for Hulu, Planet Sex. She also shares some valuable experiences on understanding your gender and boundaries, such as “No is a full sentence” and “The blue ball is not an object”. Who needs Emily Post?! Also this week, Eugénie Trochu, editorial director of French Vogue, and Pierre M’Pelé, editorial director of GQ France, will give us a review of le chic from Paris Fashion Week. In an unexpected turn, they told us emphatically, “Milan has crushed Paris.” It’s a sentiment rarely heard: Milan Fashion Week, typically the sleepy period between New York and Paris, has been rocked this season by epic debuts at Ferragamo and Bottega Veneta. . As for Paris, although both Pierre and Eugénie were enamored with Ib Kamara’s Off-White show and Miu Miu’s “mom running” energy (plus sparkly lingerie!), Eugénie said the purchases Her catwalk inspiration next season will include a Saint Laurent blazer and Gucci horsebit Jackie bag. Pierre says he’s been moved by the return of soignée dressing at homes like Balmain: “Put on a gorgeous outfit, even if it’s just to grab a piece of bread!” Pierre begs dapper. And with that, delicious bon!

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“You can’t run away from the things that happen in your life, and that’s all I want to do: just pretend they don’t exist,” Cara Delevingne reflected in a live interview with Vogue editor Chioma Nnadi, was filmed at Delevingne’s Los Angeles home to accompany her April cover story. The 30-year-old model and actress is used to discussing her history of mental illness and addiction; she talked about the depression she faced as a teenager when she first appeared in Vogue in 2015. However, as her struggles became more public in the coming years. In recent months, she has been the subject of scrutiny. She said: “I get hired a lot to speak and advocate for things like mental health for people who are struggling, but oh, when I’m struggling myself, that’s not okay — goodbye ,” she said. “It’s work, and it’s sad to see that.”

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